For those of you who like slot machine games, you should know that there are several myths about playing slots. This is so that you do not easily believe the news circulating so far.

In this article, we will give you some of the myths circulating in the world of online gambling. For readers not to just believe the myth with a little review below.

Do not use auto spin, use manual spin. This will make it easier for you to see the existing patterns. When you find the pattern, use the maximum bet!

Here are some slot myths that people believe in:

Myth 1. A Big Bet Will Have More Win Chance

In slot games, every spin that you do will not change the chances of winning because the results of the spin are very random. A jackpot bonus may come out in the near future if by chance the spin results show a jackpot pattern.

The thing to note in slot games is your endurance to play. Why? Because the longer you play, the more likely you are to make the machine spit out the jackpot. The way to make the game last long is to bet as small as possible and let the slot machine spin as long as possible.

Myth 2: Auto Spin Reduces Chances of Winning

This is the second myth that we hear most often, which is that using Auto Spin can reduce the chances of winning in slots. Actually, using auto spin can make it easier and players only need to provide funds.

All slots use the RNG (Random Number Generator) system where wins cannot be predicted, and if played with manual spin or auto spin will also not affect the results.

In conclusion, auto spin is a feature and solution provided to make it easier for players. However, for us Indonesians, of course, we will believe more in our own luck (manual spin), and that is why myths like this were created.

Myth 3. Chances of Winning Online Slot Games are Very Small

In online slot machine games, there is a term known as RNG (Random Number Generator). Spinning and expecting a continuous reward is rather unlikely. However, because the online slot system is an RNG, winning prizes can be issued continuously in adjacent spin times. So the chances of winning on each draw are honestly the same as they are randomly rotated.

Myth  4. The Game has been Remotely Set by the Dealer

Actually, online slots can be set to what percentage of the winnings are given to the player. Let’s say the software sets a certain percentage, then each player has a chance to win that percentage.

The Slot Machine will not be able to be set once you have started playing. The bookie messing with your luck deliberately doesn’t provide a good pattern. Not like that!! Of course, the bookie also wants to give the players a win so that they continue to play at their place.

So when you have started putting your bet into an online slot machine game, then you just have to hope. The RNG (Random Number Generator) system generates a good pattern for you and doesn’t be presumptuous. If the jackpot does not come out because the pattern is set by the dealer.

Myth 5. The Chance of Jackpot Will Be Greater in Slot Games with Big Jackpot Prizes

A large jackpot value is an indication that the jackpot machine has swallowed a lot of coins or credits from the players. Many myths say, the harder it is to get out of the jackpot, the greater the software cheating in a game so that the jackpot does not come out.

Well actually, there is no such thing in slot machines. Each spin will have the same chance of exiting the jackpot. It’s just that a large jackpot prize in a slot game indicates that the game has not issued a jackpot for a long time. If you play for a long time in online slots that haven’t issued a jackpot for a long time, luck could be yours. Make a minimum bet and survive as long as possible in online slot games. This could cause the random system to eventually fall into the jackpot pattern.

It’s really fun playing online slot machines, but you really have to be patient in playing online slot machines. Have to be patient to watch the capital slowly erode as randomly generated patterns produce ugly patterns on each round. But when the jackpot is hit, your tiredness of waiting will pay off immediately.

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