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The company ecosystem is turbulent As well as in continuous improve. What differs in these days’s electronic age is that alterations are occurring at unparalleled rates of velocity and scale (Brosseau, Ebrahim, Handscomb, & Thaker, 2019). The damaging recent problem brought by the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 is but an extreme example. Nowadays several businesses, Specifically little and medium enterprises (SMEs), no longer love the luxury of producing approaches for intervals of numerous years but are having difficulties to locate survival ideas for the subsequent quarter or months (Blackburn, LaBerge, O’Toole, & Schneider, 2020). The wave of mega-traits, such as globalization, innovations in technologies, environmental fears, modifying demographics, urbanization, the worldwide pandemic disaster, together with other forces, is generating the Market significantly unsure.

The environment has become much more intricate as Individuals mega-tendencies on their own may also be evolving at an increasing rate. Such as, globalization has presently been undergoing A great deal further adjustments as opposed to rhetoric of trade tensions and nationalistic fervor (Lund, Manyika, Bughin, Krishnan, Seong, & Muir, 2019). Several rising economies, such as China and India, have produced large domestic markets and so their reliance on global trade has lowered considerably. The coronavirus pandemic disaster has accelerated the geopolitical division and so profoundly disrupted supply chains of most company enterprises that many are commencing to wonder whether This is actually the end of globalization as we realize it (Karabell, 2020).

At the same time, improvements in digital systems occur with the velocity of light, such as cloud-based mostly ubiquitous computing, large information analytics, synthetic intelligence (AI), machine Studying, World wide web of Items (IoT), autonomous methods, clever robots, 3-D printing, and virtual and augmented actuality (VR & AR). These systems are not just altering the way organizations operate and folks Stay, but they’ve also tested to get enormously worthwhile in attacking social troubles. For example, Superior electronic technologies are extensively placed on tests, Speak to tracing, and managing folks for your coronavirus; to promptly restructuring provide chains; to supporting tele-function and remote instruction that can completely alter the character of work and training in the future; and looking for robust solutions to derailed economic and social structures (Sneader & Singhal, 2020). The existing unparalleled pandemic crisis is prompting several corporations to be within a state of urgency for innovation, e.g., re-purposing corporations, products and solutions, components, and so on. to quickly deploy innovative answers to this kind of complications as the limited testing and procedure ability for preventing the virus from spreading, crucial materials shortages due to produce chain disruptions, serving to people in will need, and safely reopening the economic climate (Bello et al., 2020, Stoll, 2020). To contend effectively inside the hyper-aggressive and unstable environment, organizations should build dynamic abilities dependant on agility, overall flexibility, resilience, and velocity (Aghina, De Smet, Lackey, Lurie, & Muraka, 2018). So, sustainable innovation has become a strategic precedence for every form of organization, whether it is a company, governing administration, or nonprofit enterprise (Ettlie, 2006, Lee and Lim, 2018, Veronica et al., 2019).

Innovation is described in various ways, depending on goal, course of action, or disciplinary perspectives. With this paper, innovation is outlined as “deployment of new Suggestions and/or technologies in fundamentally various ways to produce new or additional value for continued success from the Corporation and its stakeholders” (Adner and Kapoor, 2010, Lee, 2018). In the current electronic age, innovation will not be akin to technologies-enabled automation to the economies of scale, as demonstrated by the commercial paradigm of mass manufacturing pioneered by the Fordism inside the early 20th century (Hakansson Epilocal.   & Ford, 2002). Right now, innovation can be based on convergence of seemingly heterogeneous and unrelated things which can produce an exponential outcome determined by the economies of convergence and community (Coolican and Jin, 2018, Hedvall et al., 2019, Metcalfe, 2013, Reim et al., 2019). Innovation depending on the exponential effect of convergence, which we label as convergence innovation (CI) in this paper, is a lot more dynamic than automation because it leverages the quantum power of fusion of assorted objects, Thoughts, individuals, capabilities, technologies, companies, industries, and societies (Lee & Lim). The key feature of CI will be the ecosystem, which is made to make important choices or steps autonomously, by way of scanning the environment While using the help of smart sensors, AI, IoT, large information analytics, machine Studying, and ambient computing. The extracted applicable data is then sent to the subsequent degree for evaluating innovation ideas derived from both of those interior and external resources for implementation (Lee & Lim, 2018).