Casino Games And Love – How They Are The Same

Casino Games that are worth trying

So you want to know what sorts of casino games are worth checking out do you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re just going to assume that you are quite new to the casino world — why else would you ask about what’s worth checking out? Consider this an idiots guide of sorts where we break down some of the more popular casino games with a few dark horses, enjoy.

For Simplicity: Slot Machines

Slot machines are probably the most iconic of all casino games when you think about it. Practically anyone can pick up and play these types of games — especially now where most mobile games utilise a similar gameplay model. To win simply line up the symbols and the game will trigger a payout, simple.

Nowadays you have online slot games to pick and choose from, and boy are there a lot of them – check out Book of Dead Slot game. Think of a theme, now go search for that theme on a casino site,we’ll wait… Guarantee you’ve found at least one slot that fits the theme. New slots arrive weekly if not daily (especially online) which always makes them very fun.

For A Calculated Challenge: Blackjack

Blackjack, our personal favourite casino game, otherwise known as 21. In blackjack the goal is to get close to the number 21 as possible, battling a dealer who is trying to do the exact same thing. Go over 21 and you will end up ‘going bust’. You start with two cards that only you can see, from there you are given the chance to either ‘hit’ or ‘stand’.

Blackjack gives you a lot of control in how you like to play, which is probably what is so alluring about it to begin with in our opinion. There’s a reason why this particular casino game is featured heavily in movies and tv shows: it’s a universal game. The rules to blackjack are relatively simple, but it’s how you strategise that’s key. If you enjoy a decent challenge then blackjack will be for you.

For Socialising: Roulette

A really fun casino game to check out if you’re with friends. You’ve more than likely heard of roulette before, if you haven’t: it’s the game with the wheel and the ball that spins round it. To win in roulette all you have to do is bet on the outcome before it happens. There are various winning combinations and the fact that other players can play too makes it all the more interesting.

The sorts of bets one can place are indeed varied. Look on the board, you’ll find a series of numbers and something known as ‘outside bets’. Outside bets essentially let you bet on odds or evens and that sort of thing, you know, riskier bets — although they do come with better odds which stand to make you more money. For beginners, try betting on either red or black, it’s a 50/50 bet that is great at introducing you to it all.

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